Coastal Urban Greenovation

The Herzliya Municipality is a member of a global network of cutting-edge cities promoting world-class breakthroughs in sustainability and innovation. As part of the Coastal Urban Greenovation Project, which has been developed as part of the Municipality’s preparations for coping with climate change, the HiCity Center seeks to test innovative, groundbreaking solutions for addressing the challenges as defined by the Municipality’s team leaders.

The Center encourages entrepreneurs and companies to develop and implement previously-nonexistent innovative solutions and technologies, which will generate unique, significant value in responding to the challenges mapped in Herzliya.

We are looking for innovative solutions with substantial potential for large-scale implementation in Herzliya, in Israel and worldwide, in accordance with the challenges that have been specified in Herzliya – as a main, innovative coastal city with its own unique characteristics.


Our Challenges

What's In It For You?

Each project will be assigned a relevant Design Partner from within the Municipality’s Departments to support the process

Option of inclusion in a financial support program from the Israel Innovation Authority covering up to 50% of the R&D costs

Collaboration with entrepreneur communities, foundations and companies

A shared work space at HiCity in the Arena Complex

Projects accepted into the Program will enjoy financial support from the Herzliya Municipality for the implementation process

POC within the City of Herzliya as a beta site for implementing the newly-developed solution

What Are

We Looking For?

Start-ups after their A-round with a product prototype.

Start-ups capable of making a commitment to a POC, to the Project duration and to implement the product in the City of Herzliya.

Start-ups offering products related to sustainability issues or which are able to deliver a solution in one or more of the following areas: smart transport, sewage and drainage, erosion processes, marine pollution and carbon emission measurement.