The Coastal Cliff

Monitoring Landslide Processes Along the Coastal Cliff.


Herzliya has been blessed with a beautiful 7-km coastline. Natural processes occurring along the coastal cliff in the form of rains, which generate surface runoff over the cliff edge, and erosion along the shores and the adjoining cliffs, cause landslides. These landslides, which occur year-round, are currently impossible to predict. Neither is it possible to predict the force or location of landslides.

The state of the cliff is deteriorating from one season to the next. This is most acute in winter, when the surface runoff drains toward the cliff edge, further undermining it. Recent years have seen several landslides at different spots along the coastal cliff. Each such landslide causes rocks and soil to collapse onto anyone that may be present along the seaside. It also endangers anyone standing along the cliff edge.

Your solution will enable monitoring and preparation for landslides by issuing a targeted advance warning.

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