Municipal Drainage

System-Wide Challenge: Means for Scanning and Pinpointing Defects and Obstructions in the Municipal Drainage System.


Herzliya has some 180 km of drainage piping, with the water being discharged into the sea. The main challenge is to monitor and map obstructions clogging the system. Nowadays, there is no  single system that delivers a real-time situation picture, informing the City’s Operations Administration of the state of the interior of the drainage system.

Your solution will enable monitoring the municipal drainage system from within, showing indices and data on a map or GIS layer, providing an understanding of the spatial pain points which might develop into a problem during the various seasons. Additionally, the system must detect cracks and fractures within the municipal system and provide a visual image of the system from the within.

The solution must be compatible with sensors capable of functioning in the dark.

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