Carbon Emissions

Measuring Municipal Carbon Data.


Herzliya is one of Israel’s most highly-developed cities. It is home to approximately 100,000 residents and tens of thousands of persons visit the city every day. Calculation of the carbon emissions index in Herzliya is, therefore, a key tool for coping with the climate crisis.

Carbon emissions in Herzliya are currently calculated based on manual self-reporting. The calculation is done on a calculator provided by the Ministry of Environmental Protection. This data collection method is lacking regular updating and it does not keep up with the changes occurring in this content area. Furthermore, this calculator is intended for the professional level – it is intended to be used at the professional level, however it is not accessible as a decision support tool to the senior executive level, the field level or the operational level.

Your solution will enable the creation of a continuous municipal database, including the calculation of the emission percentages from all sources across the city, and it will enable an analysis of the data through mathematical modeling. This will enable the Herzliya Municipality to deliver a data-based coping method for climate impacts within the urban space.

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