Smart Transportation

Smart, Green Transport between the Train Station and the Business District.

Herzliya’s Business District is one of the country’s most advanced, desirable business districts in the country. About 50,000 workers and businesspersons arrive in the Business District daily. The Herzliya train station is approximately 2 km away from the District. Nowadays the main route connecting the train station to the  District suffers from congestion, which impairs the way transport functions in the City. The bus lines cross State Highway 2 during rush hour, posing a daily challenge to the people working in and living in and around the area. The bus system is not synchronized, making it difficult to plan departure and arrival times.

Your solution will Help us with:


  • Reducing traffic congestion when arriving to/from the employment area from points of origin within the city, from the Herzliya train station and surrounding cities.
  • Increasing the service level of signalized nodes.
  • Collecting information and analyzing the feasibility of using and adding bike lanes.
  • Management of parking lot availability and traffic congestion.
  • Collection of emissions data, Target: 60% of public transport users and 40% private.

Our Challenge: Your Solution


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