Preventing Marine Pollution

Preventing Marine Pollution Through Separating the Rainwater from the Sewage System.

Herzliya has been blessed with a beautiful 7-km coastline. There are, however, several spots where coastal erosion has occurred along this coast. On days of heavy rain, rainwater penetrates the sewage system, causing the following:

  1. Overloading of the sewage system, which was not designed to receive such huge quantities of water, thereby overwhelming the wastewater treatment plant, which causes raw sewage to be discharged directly into the sea through the overflow outfall.
  2. The sewage system receives large amounts of rainwater every winter. As a consequence, raw sewage is discharged around the city, spilling into the rainwater gutters from which it is discharged via the coastal drainage outflows.

These two main causes result in the frequent closure of the City’s beaches during the winter due to marine pollution, which is harmful to the marine ecosystem as well as to the beachgoers.

Your solutionan innovative technology that will ensure separation between the sewage system and the surface runoff system, thereby preventing marine pollution during the winter.

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